Through Debtor Finance, cash becomes available well before the debtor actually pays. The extra cash has traditionally been used to purchase more stock, hire more staff or advertise to grow the business, but it can be used for any purpose the business wishes.

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Features and Benefits

Competitive Interest Rates

Fast application approvals

Fast application approvals

Monthly or fortnightly repayments

Flexible Product Options

High level of customer service

No hidden fees or charges

Compare hundreds of Loan products

With access to over 30 different lenders AGM Finance can provide you expert business finance solutions for small and medium businesses.

Cashflow & Debtor Finance

Debtor Finance (also known as cash flow finance) comes in many different variants. All have one basic feature, which is that funds are advanced to a certain percentage (usually 80% – 90%) against debts owed to a business for goods or services supplied on credit to other businesses.

For example: Business sells book debts to Debtor Finance provider on a continuing basis, Up to 85% of debt paid within 24 hours, Balance (15%) of debt paid when debtor pays, Recourse after 90/120 days, Creates a flexible Line of Credit and grows with business.

As the sales of your business grow this Cash flow Finance facility automatically increases as well, providing the business with cash to meet increasing financial demands that day to day trading can place on you.

Your borrowing ability is determined by the level of your accounts receivable not the value of your bricks and mortar. Cash flow finance is not just an alternative to bank overdraft facilities. It’s a better solution.

The biggest benefit of Debtor Finance is that it accelerates cash flow. Normally the money it costs to produce a good or provide a service is tied up in debtors and is not available for the business to use until payment has been received.